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Graphic Designs

Laura James


Eden Herbalist


Brand Style Guide


Eden Herbalist is an imaginary company I invented to design a brand style guide for.


Beverage Concept Design

Cloudberry is an imaginary energy drink I designed. The drink brand includes unique characters for each flavor which can also be used in merchandising, such as plushies, stickers, apparel, and other purchasables.

cloudberry logo-01.png
Invisible Creature
Hero Booklet

Booklet on a Favorite Graphic Designer


In this project I was allowed the the choice of a favorite graphic designer to design a small booklet on.

Hattiesburg, MS

City Logo, Branding,
& Wayfinding


I designed a logo and tourist icon system for the city of Hattiesburg, MS. I created signage, wayfinding, a website homepage, and merchandise items.

This was a passion project for me as Hattiesburg is where my mom grew up with her cousin who recently passed away. I chose Hattiesburg for this project as a tribute to Brenda.

Duma Key

Book Jacket Design

For this project I designed my own book jacket for a book that I love, I used photo manipulation to create a design that portrays the story while leaving enough intrigue for the buyer to want to see what it is all about,

Personal Brand System

This is the brand system I designed for myself. I used a limited color palette along with repeated motifs of two of my favorite animals to create a cohesive theme that represents myself as an artist as well as
an individual.

Personal Brand_Business Card - Front.png
Switchfoot Bro-Am

Event Branding & Merch

For this project I chose to do branding for an event called Switchfoot Bro-Am: a charity surf contest and concert held by the band Switchfoot. I designed posters in a few different formats, as well as some merchandise items.

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