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Duma Key

Book Jacket Design

For this project I got to select a book I had recently read and design a full jacket for it. I chose Duma Key by Stephen King, a unique story about a father, Edgar, who is maimed in an industrial accident and moves to the Florida Keys to recover. There he encounters a host of interesting characters, including his neighbor Elizabeth, an elderly lady who lives in a large Spanish villa, and her caretaker, Wireman. Edgar soon finds out that not only has he gained psychic powers while on the island, but that he is in the frontlines in a battle against an ancient entity which hosts a doll. The story is a rollercoaster of love, friendship, tragedy, and healing. It is a story that I love very much, and I was excited and honored to be able to design a jacket for it. Here I show my first three designs, the final being the one I decided to go with, which can also be seen in the mockups. I loved all three designs for different reasons, but I decided to go with the final design because it altogether fit so perfectly with the feel and the mood of the story. Just looking at all sides of the jacket made me feel like I was walking on Duma Key, and that's how I knew it was the right one.

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