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My Personal Brand System

My goal for this project was to come up with a personal logo, a business card, a notecard, and an envelope.

The color palette I used consists of several shades of red, one shade of black, and white. I also use tints of the different shades of red as needed.

I used my initials to form my logo. I used the capital L in the Monotype Corsiva font and I rotated it 180 degrees to acheive a makeshift letter J. I added little paw pads to make the rounded parts look like cat paws playing. I added stripes along one length to make it look like a tail, and a dark stripe along the back of the other length along with the paw print on the end to give it the illiusion of an arm.

I designed a spider cat creature to use as my own mascot as well as to show an example of my talents and what I can create. I created a spiderweb and a ball out of yarn to use as a repeated motif. I also used zigzags along with stripes as motifs so that I can have a variety of patterns to use as needed.

This system is a perfect representation of me because it shows my style as an artist and as a designer, and because it displays my personality, particularly with the use of bold, dynamic angles, the character that I created of a spider and a cat, and most of all, the use of the color red, which is not only my favorite color but my entire lifestyle.

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