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Eden Herbalist

Brand Style Guide

Eden Herbalist is a fictitious cannabis dispensary with a focus on the healing aspect of cannabis. The brand style guide shows the voice of the brand as well as the proper uses of color, text, logos, imagery, and stationery.

The image I wanted this business to portray is one of natural healing, Mother Earth's nurturing, and making a safe space for those who have never tried cannabis for whatever personal reasons. I wanted a company that would rise above the societal demonization of cannabis. To accomplish this I used soft, natural colors and images of the heart of Mother Earth.


At the beginnining of this project, I utilized Adobe Firefly to create my mood board. From there I came up with ideas for a slew of logo sketches. I went forward with two different ideas: one was a potion bottle that represented Mother Earth in front of a a cannabis leaf, and the other was a heart-shaped potion bottle with a cannabis leaf resting in it. Initially I had green hands holding up the bottle, but I ended up deciding to cut them out and focus on the bottle itself.

For my stationery, I created some smoky shapes in the pinks and greens included in my color palette. This smoke is repeated across the business card, the letterhead, and the envelope. I also created a leaf motif from the leaf in the bottle as well as a green chain motif to be used as accents.

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