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Switchfoot Bro-Am

Event Branding, Advertising,

& Merchandising

Bro-Am is a charity surf contest and concert put on by the band Switchfoot. There are extra opportunities to donate to charity, such as their Benefit Party for which tickets can be purchased. For this project I designed VIP passes for the benefit party, t-shirts and tote bags, billboards, posters, and vertical pole signage.


I was somewhat inspired by the Endless Summer posters. I wanted to use minimal colors and a silhouette effect. I used a bubble font but I manipulated it to fit the shapes of the bubbles I created, which became the repeated motifs and the main design on the printed merch. On the VIP pass, I added tiny surfboards to create a visual separation between the numbers of the year. I also replaced the bubbles with a halftone pattern to break up the repetition.


Switchfoot is my favorite band and the most important thing in my life, and it was an enormous honor and a blast to be able to do branding for this event, even if it was just for a school project.

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